Welcome to this website!

Here we aim to give a kinda brief overview of what the Bible says on the topic of homosexuality.

The topic is broken up into around half a dozen sections as found in the menus above.

But first Id like to echo some of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist and United Methodist and even pentecostal denominations. That is that God loves everybody. That includes GLBTQ people. Im not saying he condones everyone’s behavior. Many of us will be judged and the judgment will not be favorable. But he still loves us.

In the old testament, eunuchs (a sexual minority) were disadvantaged. But under Jesus, eunuchs have a special place, according to Isaiah 56. A eunuch was one of the first non-Jews to follow Jesus (Acts 8). It is the understanding of the authors of this website, that God wants gay people to follow him too, but that part of the following, means volunteering to cease engaging in gay sex.

It’s not a sin to feel sexually tempted by members of the same sex¬†(James 1:14-15). But Scripture teaches that it is sinful to have sexual relations with a member of the same sex.

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